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Increase conversion

Allowing your customers to interact with the Shopping Configurator increases your conversion to sales because your customers will see exactly what the finished product will look like.


Reduce errors

The Shopping Configurator removes manual steps in your process and therefore reduces errors.  No more errors saves you material costs and increases your customer's satisfaction.


Save time

Take less time to make each personalized product.  Average time savings with the Shopping Configurator is almost one hour per order.


The best way to understand how a Shopping Configurator works is to try one out.  Click on any of the images below to interact with a working Shopping Configurator.


Integrates with your existing eCommerce store

Fully-Responsive Design

Supports any TrueType or OTF Font

Easy-To-Use Configurator

Online Documentation

Top-Notch Support via Phone & eMail

Library of Art to select from

Multiple Pre-Built Designs

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We keep our pricing simple.  It is $1 for each product personalized by the Shopping Configurator.


Erik Moon

Decadent Minimalist

"I simply would not have been able to handle thousands of customized engraving requests without Obrary's Shopify integration."


Bill Brewster

Gray Owl Studios

"Allowing my customers to configure their products not only saves me time, but more importantly it has increased my sales."


Laura Sampson

Tennesse Calligraphy

"The Shopping Configurator saves me over an hour of time for each order that I get. That means I can spend more time with my kids."


Sean Murray

Wild Wood Vermont, LLC

"I am able to eliminate the time spent communicating with my Customers over engraving and the placement questions. Not only is Obrary’s Shopping integration user friendly but it allows my customers to customize their engraving the way they want it to look, allowing for a faster turnaround time and satisfactory customer service."

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CO2 Laser Cutter
Fiber Laser Cutter
Vinyl Cutter
T-Shirt Printer
Plasma Cutter
CNC Lathe
CNC Milling Machine
Diamond Tip Drag Engraver
3D Printer
CNC Router
and even Hand Personalization
Read the FAQ and get all of your Shopping Configurator questions answered.


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This video shows the consumer experience with some of the example Shopping Configurators from the demo store. 

Here you will see how responsive the Shopping Configurator is.  Watch the Shopping Configurator software on a desktop, tablet and mobile phone.


This video shows how the Shopping Configurator software saves you time and money while also reducing errors.

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