The George

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- Dylan Stallard

This chair took first place in the 2014 Chair Design Competition that Obrary had with San Diego State University.


I have created a bar chair as a testament to my bourbon loving grandfather. I call it... "The George."

The Inspiration for The George stems off of great furniture design from the early to mid 20th century. Simple yet elegant lines, minimalist (perhaps primitive) construction, and designed-to-fit-in-any-environment logistics were some of the main concepts coming into this project.

My Ideas started off as sketches of the most fundamental shapes of my favorite old furniture. Basic outlines and profiles formed all over my sketchbook over and over again until I found a reasonable form that resembled an object meant to be sat on. My design strategies came from looking at the possibility of stacking plywood to create a solid mass rather than a virtually 2D material.

Two basic concepts remained the same throughout all of the sketches I produced; an elegant leg/arm/support system-in-one for both sides of the piece, and the joinery would consist of at least some tabs and wedges. The final chair took these ideas and formed into a bar stool with 4 wedges on each side holding the whole piece together.