Larme Clutch

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- Teh Xia Yin

My form is derived from the consideration of the comfort of ergonomics and the
keyword sensuous. I started sketching the curves of different body types of women
and eventually settled on the pear-shaped body type which in my opinion, has this
sensuous quality. I abstracted the form of a teardrop from it after sketching out
various possibilities. Hence its name LARME, which is teardrop in French.

It is a small clutch bag that is able to hold small bottles of perfumes, lipsticks and
basically any small cosmetic items. The clutch bag’s curve is able to fit the hand
length of an average small sized woman (152mm) to the hand length of an average
big sized woman (198mm).

Production (trails & errors)
The outer body of the clutch is made by wood bending veneer and sawing and
sanding of the cedar wood. The inner body of the clutch is made by sawing and
sanding of the cedar wood and lining it with suede. The opening mechanism, using
magnetic strips, are hidden in the lining of the suede and the veneer layers.

Originality or uniqueness
Unlike any other clutches out in the market, the LARME clutch hopes to combine
function and form into one and uses a combination of two different woods to show
the luxurious and sensuous quality of the material and the form.