Parametric Sliceforms

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Chris Wundram

The Parametric Sliceforms is made from an openscad script that generate cuts for a sliceform of a openscad form. It takes advantage of the new 2d features of openscad and the dxf export.

Run the openscad script, and export the results as a dxf file. YOu may want to adjust the layout of the file before cutting. The script lays out two rows of shapes, one row for each slice orientation. The parts are in placed in order.
If you don't want to use openscad, you can use the dxf file for the sphere in the picture. It is made from Office Depot neon poster board, which is about .3mm thick. The thickness in the openscad accounts for the laser cutters kerf of about .1mm.
The form that is sliced is defined in form().  Right now it is a sphere.
The script assumes that the form is centered on the origin. The meeting point for the cuts will be on the x=0 or y=0 plane.

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