Sphere 60

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- Emmanuel Patoux

Here's a kind of puzzle that builds a sphere from 4 different pieces. The style of the pieces is inspired by the Eiffel Tower.

It is designed for 4mm MDF cut on a Laser Cutter.

Here's the count of pieces you will be making: 
  • 24 wheels with 5 slots
  • 40 wheels with 6 slots
  • 60 curved with 2 circles
  • 30 curved with 3 circles
  • A couple of spares wouldn't hurt


  • Take 5 curved pieces with two circles in them and them attach to a five slot wheel
  • Take 2 of the above assemblies and attach them to a six slot wheel along with a curved piece with three circles
  • Continue making these assemblies until you use up your pieces.  Then assemble into a sphere.


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