Mini Wood Purse

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Scott Austin

This is an eye catching purse that is definitely unique. First, its made of wood. That's right, it's 1/4" high quality, hardwood plywood. Second, the hinge is also made from the wood. The wood is cut in a special way that allows it to bend.

Because it is made of wood, it is a strong, protective purse. It's great for holding your phone, a small wallet and a couple of other items.

You can pick a pattern to be etched onto the purse. The two options are:
- Quatrefoil - an elegant shape created from 4 circles. This shape is frequently found in Gothic and Renaissance architecture.
- Celtic - this intricate pattern is inspired by Celtic knots. Each side has a similar look with unique details.

The outside dimensions of the purse are 4.5" wide, 7.5" tall and 2.25" deep.

Here's some sources for the hardware:

  • Chains
  • Loops.  You need to special order these with longer, 8mm screws to get through the 1/4" board
  • Clasp

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