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MakerBench Series 3

MakerBench Series 3


- Eric Schleicher

Here's a kit of of our popular MakerBench with some useful accessories. The MakerBench is great tool for all home improvement jobs and craft projects around the house. The work surface is super strong and stable because of the torsion box design. The box also gives you a place to store tools and supplies during your project. Its small enough that you can easily move it to where ever your project is. It sets up on two store-bought horses. In seconds, you can this great workspace set up and functional anywhere in your house. It even comes with a built-in handle for moving it.

The MakerBench surface is 22" deep x 46" wide x 8" high. It's a size that fits easily into many cars. The bench also comes with some accessories made from matching wood including:
- a Side Shelf
- a Double Parts Tray
- 4 Small Hooks

This is the ultimate work surface for whatever you make. It is super strong. It is also lightweight and portable. The box construction gives it tremendous strength, but it also gives you a place to store tools and parts.

Super easy set-up and simple to take down if you want to move it. It doesn't get much better than this MakerBench. You supply the horses (easily purchased at Home Depot or Lowes) and you have a great, stable work surface.

The wood is left unfinished, so you can use it as is or apply your preferred finish. The plywood is high quality "A" rated hardwood that is better than anything you find at Home Depot. The result is a strong surface that also looks great.

Pieces for this product are milled on a Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) router. The CNC gives an incredible amount of precision, so the pieces are cut to high tolerances. This makes for a tight fitting product that is stronger and more durable. It also means, all the cuts will perfectly straight resulting in a better looking product.

The MakerBench Series 3 is shipped flat packed and requires assembly. There is free assembly for local pickups at our San Diego shop. Shipping is done within the United States via FedEx Ground. 

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