Doll House

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- Ingrid Gjermstad

The doll house measures 47 cm tall, 42 cm deep and 49 cm wide.  It can be made from wood or MDF. It can be the home of dolls with a height of about 8-10 cm.

  • Cut out the different pieces with a laser cutter. The templates are customized for a laser cutter which can cut boards up to the size of 450x810 mm. You can of course reorganize the pieces to fit bigger or smaller boards as you like. The pieces are drawn to fit together if the thickness of the boards are exactly 6mm.
  • Use a matte satin lacquer on the pieces before you paint. This will save a lot of money in paint! Spray paint the large surfaces (outer walls, roof, inside roof and floors).
  • Glue the pieces together with a very strong type of glue. Start with the outer walls, the inside floors, then the inside walls. Some of the roof pieces needs to be filed at the edges to make the right angles before they are glued on to the house. Glue together the furniture. 
  • Alternative 1. Paint the surfaces that are not already painted. Paint the furniture. 
  • Alternative 2. Paint everything that is not already painted except the walls. Put wallpaper on the walls (it is much easier than painting, and the finish looks better). Paint shops often have samples of wallpaper that they no longer need - ask your local shop!
  • Attach the hinges and the lock, and give it a final touch of paint!

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