Infinity Chair

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- Tara Groth

This chair took third place in the 2014 Chair Design Competition that Obrary had with San Diego State University.

My inspiration for this project was my two kids, Brooklyn 5 1/2 and Bam 4 years old. I love to make functional art and this project was just that. I wanted to make a fun chair, so why not a rocker. I wanted it low to the ground and fun looking. I drew up a lot of sketches made a few models then ultimatley drew it up on Rhino. I exported the file to the CNC Routing Machine and brought the rocker to life. While the chair can hold an adult it's perfect for children. Kid tested and approved.


  • Lay one side of the chair flat on the floor.
  • Place the slats in the side on the floor.
  • Place the remaining side on top of the slats.  Line up the slats with the holes in the side.
  • Use a rubber mallet to ensure a tight fit.
  • Use glue or nails for a more secure bond.

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