Vlieboot Model Frame

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- Zombie Cat

Here's a teaching tool for students learning about the age of exploration.  The age of exploration was fueled by the development of sea-worthy boats like this one. This design gives you the frame for a model of one of the more famous "vlieboot" vessels made, the Half Moon (or Halve Maen as the Dutch called it), that was captained by Henry Hudson. This is similar in design to the Carracks that Columbus and Magellan sailed.

With the frame as a starting point, students can then figure out how to sheath the frame, add masts and sails, and make their craft seaworthy for a fun project that brings the age of exploration to life.


This is designed to be cut in 3mm plywood and should be straight forward to assemble as the ribs are numbered.  You can see a way to wrap the hull in duct tape to make it float.  It will also need some ballast like nuts and bolts in the bottom to stay upright.