Wedding Ceremony Wine Box

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- Scott Austin

The wine box wedding ceremony is a romantic ceremony that will enhance your wedding and serve as a lasting reminder of the commitments made to one another. Heart felt letters, encapsulating your thoughts and feelings are locked away to be revealed several years into your marriage. It is a distinctive way to celebrate your love for one another. This wine box will showcase the ceremony and be a great fixture in your home.

The box is etched with the double infinity symbol which in weddings and love is used to signify forever and ever and endless love.

The Wine Box is also personalized with your names and wedding date.

This box fits a Bordeaux style/shape bottle. It is a very common bottle shape, but there are other bottle shapes. So we recommend that you make the wine box first and the wine second. That way, you can ensure that the wine bottle will fit in the box. You can learn more about wine bottle shapes at

Parts for this product are cut on a laser cutter. The laser gives an incredible amount of precision, so the pieces are cut to high tolerances. This makes for a tight fitting product that is stronger and more durable. The laser also also enables highly accurate and detailed engraving.

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